It seems to be second nature for me to crave to travel. I yearn to see the world. I wish to tangibly be in places I only see in dreams and pictures. My ears crave sounds foreign to my mind; languages I am yet learning. My eyes ache to see beautiful places of vibrant or mute color. Areas that have a million or just one story to tell; no matter how old it may be. Places where a person can literally feel the years come upon them, and hear the past whisper in their ears.

My heart begs to be in places I am unfamiliar with and to say I am wrought with indecision would be an understatement.

There is a part of me that seems adamant to stay grounded; to be familiar with objects, sounds, tastes, and visual places I am accustomed to. This place in my mind that begs the questions of, “Why go somewhere when God has placed you here? Why not explore the area you were raised in?” Then proceeds to essentially scold, “You still have yet to explore the state you have been raised in! Why leave?”

Yet, I am already presented with a wonderful prospect of traveling to Russia on a study abroad trip. It is an impressive amount of credits offered that would end with me having a minor in Russian. Well, after I took two semesters of the language before hand. The professor leading the trip is incredibly helpful and a wonderful teacher, at that! For six weeks, we would reside in St. Petersburg  and have incredible opportunities to visit typical (and nontypical) attractions. Also, it is fairly cheap!! (Actually, incredibly cheap..)

I just don’t know what to do. Half of my mind and heart are overly excited about the possible opportunity but the other is not entirely thrilled and begins to consider the cons of the trip.


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