High on Life

Today, it seemed entirely difficult to force myself out of my warm bed. The prospect of stepping into the cold room from the warmth enveloping me, seemed utterly absurd. Eventually, however, responsibilities call us to attention and before we know it, we only have a half hour to get ready and be on our way to work, school, or an appointment. Feeling rushed is never a good feeling but for some, it can be an exhilarating part of their morning. Sometimes I enjoy it and when I realized that I have forgotten nothing, I feel utterly accomplished. (It doesn’t happen very often. Just those few mornings where I am entirely exhausted. For some odd reason, it occasionally awakens my lethargic state.) Other mornings, routine can be what we crave. Get up, attend bodily functions, get dressed, apply cosmetics, perfumes, or even don jewelry, devour an immaculate (or sufficient) breakfast, and then be on your way with your travel mug full of coffee or tea. Sound ideal, right?

This very morning was a mixture of both. I wasn’t rushed but I didn’t have a routine. I simply took my time completing tasks that needed to be attended to. I did the typical morning actions with a little more effort in applying my cosmetics. (Not to be conceited but I look pretty darn good today.) I savored my breakfast while chatting with my dad. Some days, that’s all we need to appreciate the little things. I couldn’t help but find myself counting more blessings than usual. I was excited for school to start. I was excited for the drive there. I even found myself excited for any homework. The entire idea of just learning filled me with an odd excitement. Mostly because I am completely blessed to be able to further my education (or have one at all) when a majority of the world cannot even begin to have the same opportunities. God has blessed me with so much. I have a family that loves and supports me, even though it may seem “broken” by some people’s standards. I have a house and a bed. I have food (and coffee). I have electronics. I have money, even if some days, I feel like it’s going to be a struggle to make it through until the next few dollars I work for. I am more fortunate than so many others. To not count the innumerable blessings that I have received from God, it would be a crime.

As my morning continued forth, the hour or so commute to school was done so with a light heart. Music was amplified by my voice, no road-rage commenced, and I was fully at ease with little time constrictions. Fair, although cold, weather met my drive and I couldn’t help but marvel at the beautiful sky. The clouds formulated an almost intricate pattern that was highlighted with numerous shades of blue and white. The sun colored a few clouds in the distance a faint pink and gold. Yet, that wasn’t the best part of my drive. Once I entered Duluth, I was struck with impenetrable awe at what met my eyes. The view seemed nearly ethereal and from a place only the imagination could formulate. Upon the horizon was a soft blue, illuminated by the mixture of the sky and lake. Clouds and the dark blue land in the distance were the only ways to differentiate where the sky met the water. The puffs of pale yellow and white resembled that of cotton blowing on the breeze while the evening sun shown upon them. It really was a breathtaking sight. I found self praising God for every moment that I was able to safely cast my eyes upon the view. Then, I found myself praising God for blessing me with eyes able to see his artistic creations.

This entire morning, I have been overflowing with a high for life. Even as reminders of the hardships currently going on would spark rapidly in my mind, they were overtaken with the consistent joy of appreciating this very moment. Later. That is when I would dwell on conflicts. Right now, I would praise God for everything he has given me; today and yesterday and all the days I have already lived.

Even as the prospect of having a major part of my life being taken away weighs in the back of my mind, I still find myself reliving all the moments that has created who I am in this very moment. I find myself growing increasingly excited and joyous as the day continues forth. At this very moment, it is only 11:27 AM. I still have from now until I lay my head to rest tonight to enjoy and dwell in this immense pleasure.

Who needs narcotics and substances when you can be high on what God has (and has not) given you?

To those who have taken the time to read, I challenge you to take a moment (and a deep breath) to count your blessings. Write them down. Think long and hard or don’t think at all. It is incredibly simple; really. Even if life seems so incredibly hard and you feel as if you don’t see any light in the future, remember with all your might (please) that darkness doesn’t always last. Even as the clouds block the sun for days on end, you can always find the light when it breaks through. City lights or the moon and stars will light up even the darkest of nights.

And please, appreciate the little things. Without them, how can we truly see the big picture? Appreciate that first sip of coffee on a cold morning or the laugh of a toddler as they pester their parents and/or siblings. Appreciate the way the rain falls onto surfaces; whether it is heavy or light. Appreciate your life, no matter how dismal, hard, or boring it may seem. It was given to you for a reason.

On that note,


Today is a new day.


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