Procrastination Nation

Today has started out in a rather funny manner.

I slept in till 7:13 AM. I need to leave my house at 7 AM to ensure that I arrive at school early to avoid being late for any classes. (Needless to say, I sped only slightly on the freeway…) Luckily, I had everything prepared for a quick and easy morning. Even so, I was still a bit off my rocker..

I continually found my mind wandering off during my first hour. Not too terribly, but still, I would become distracted and zone out my professor’s voice.

So, I took a nice, hour long walk/run. I had hoped that it would solve my issue. Some good ‘ol exercise to awaken the mind. All I ended up with was a rubbery feeling in my legs and a loss for breath. Thus, I figured coffee and lunch was in store. Forgot I didn’t have any coffee and I wasn’t hungry.

Now, I’m hoping that a step away from some studies will assist but I even find myself with a lack of imagination right now. All I find myself doing, is procrastinating even worse than when I was in high school. (Trust me, I hardly strived to do an excellent job on any of my academic work…) I am honestly at a loss as to how to scrape any of my motivation back…


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