Late Night

As my mind drifts to dreams I crave to be enveloped in, responsibilities press heavily on my shoulders. To exceed academically, have a clean living space, and an easy morning tomorrow, I must search for any amount of motivation I can find. Yet, it evades me at every turn. Thus, my entire reason for being on here; writing to whomever may be reading.

Even in my exhausted stupor, I can’t help my let my heart tremble at meaningless and rather insignificant thoughts. (To have a romantic heart is to have a curse, somedays.) Some days, I find self idly wondering who I may end up with in the future; If I happen to be with any person at all.

Some days, I find myself curiously pondering how my life will be five or ten years from now. Will I have a good job? Will I even like it? Will I be able to immerse myself in the life I have been accustomed to since childhood?

Then I remember that I may not even live to see tomorrow. And for a split second, my heart aches. Not for the life that I would miss, (I have sure confidence where I am going… Do you?) but for the family and friends that would be left behind in my passing. I become saddened but by the mere fact that I wouldn’t be able to comfort them…

Then I curse my flow of thoughts and reasoning. Why does my streaming mind always find itself going form smooth waters to rough and wild rapids?

Where do you constantly find your mind traversing?


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