Master of My Mind

I would much rather be setting my blue eyes upon the heavens. The stars spread across a blue and black silk sky seems so much more appealing than studying. I would prefer to let my mind glide through the late night dreams that caress the imagination.

If I could simply create scenarios that may never happen, my heart would be content in it’s fullest. Although it may ache with desire, it shall be happy to be free from the constrains of responsibility. distress, and              exhaustion. Isn’t that usually what we crave? a release from all that is reality?

Few search for it through books.

Many search for it through all that slowly kills us.

I search for it through my mind.

Which, when I reflect upon this, I baffle even myself. Our mind is usually what constrains us; what holds our horrors in place.

There’s a trick to it.

I master my mind though. Or so, that is what I tell myself. Yet, I give over. I let it control me. I defy what I don’t want and I encourage what I crave. Occasionally, I lose control and sometimes… I find comfort in it. I am far from perfect.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way


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