Interlaced Thoughts

My mind plunders the deepest corners for anything to write about. I search in want for inspiration to trigger any amount of thoughts. I pray they flow endlessly into one another to form coherent ideas.

Yet, hear I am… Babbling in pure vain for anything to come rising out of the deep waters.

I try to use music to trigger a cord in my innermost being. Yet, I find myself still at a loss. Again, with the continuation of babbling incessantly.

I take a moment to break and read thought provoking writings. Alas, nothing but bitter confusion and an innateĀ desire to debate has invaded my mind.

Next attempt is towards my heart and emotions. I sift through inspirational and poetic writing. It has a slight affect but far away from my mind. Internal cords are struck and now the emotions I force away are flooding through my. My mind is far from coherent operation. I find myself becoming occasionally distracted form my computer screen. My eyes linger on the moody weather and suddenly I find myself craving to be wrapped in warm blankets in my bed.

Although, part of me craves to be in the arms of whom i care for but is “off-limits” someone off limits. I find my bed becomes a fine alternative.


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