In Your Arms

My mind was lost 
in the flame
my body was forced to create.
I was sick.
Literally and figuratively.

Literally, in the sense that
my body shook
with both chill and heat. 
My head pounded.
My stomach was ripping
itself apart.
I begged for sleep.

Figuratively, in the sense that
my body hummed
at your touch.
My head swam
at your proximity.
My heart was 
ripping itself apart.
I begged the sensical part of me
to allow me 
to stay in your arms 
for an eternity.

Even now, 
as I attempt
to sort out my thought, 
I realize that
half of my being 
craves, begs, and hums
at the mere thought
of being next to you.
The other,
says no. 
Stay away.
Stop before this,
whatever this is, 
becomes something more.

It's solely innocent.
We're both decent. 
But every bit of skin that touches,
a fire in my heart
became ignited.
Then I knew...
I am creating my downfall.

Our bodies were close.
trying to keep me warm,
pull me so much closer.
You hold me 
as if I might disappear.
wanting my heart
to create a rhythm with yours,
don't stop you.

You may have been innocent
with your actions.
But I, 
deep down,
crave to have you
become my destruction.

With a foggy mind,
I rested my head
upon your chest. 
Your beating heart, 
captured my focus
from my aching body.


You comment
on how warm I am.
You hold me 
near you with one hand. 
The other,
it glides along
my bare back.
Your aim
is for me to sleep.

It's four AM.
You work at eight.
I'd like to say 
I'm sorry...
But I won't lie.
Truth be told,
I wouldn't 
want to be
anywhere but
in your arms.

One comment

  1. lilcarlson94 · January 8, 2015

    I got a shiver down my spine reading this:)


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