I’m sorry that this isn’t what I have been normally posting. I’ll try to keep it short. Especially since it’s just a few thoughts I feel like I need to jot down… You may never believe me. Or you just may take my every word as truth.

Even so, my story begins such as this. From a young age (such as practically birth), I have been exposed to much of the wildlife natural to the Great Lakes Region in the USA; specifically, the Minnesota region. I always have fear of publicly announcing this due to being verbally “attacked” by those who may have.. well, “stronger” attitudes than I and don’t necessarily understand. My father owned a facility where photographers of many kinds could travel to have unique photo opportunities as well as experiences.  This was and still is the life I have ever known. However, now that I am in college… Well, needless to say, I’m being exposed to a vast majority of possible experiences that differ from what I am accustomed to. Nonetheless, homesickness for the uncommon family member strengthens each day I grow busier and busier.

To me, wolves are like a second family. So are foxes of all sorts, cougars, and bears, but let us not get into that. My largest intention is to keep this short and sweet. Many don’t understand that there are two sides to every story. There are the people who see wolves as a menace and are in need of being terminated. Then, there are those who essentially hold wolves on the highest pedestal there can ever be.

Just like humans, and everything else in nature, there are positive and negative aspects. Wolves are beautiful animals and until you have a chance to bond with one from the day they are born to the day they die, I feel that you will never truly see all that they are. It’s just like having a traditional pet in the household. They become family. And it aches my heart to even see such a bad name being held for them. On the negative side, they can be detrimental to domestic pets, livestock, and other such farm animals. But so can humans.

I guess my main goal here is for us to realize that wolves and humans are really not that different. Along with the rest of nature.  Maybe in the ways we destroy or benefit the world differ, but in the major scheme of things, how can it be so different?


(This is me in my natural element. Lexi and I.)



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