Your Demise

I'm lost in my mind.
Lost in my fears.
Lost in my thoughts. 
I wander aimlessly
in search of answers.

My heart is my prison.
It's cloaked in travesty 
and drowning in confusion.
Will you pull me out?

I see you
lurking in the shadows
of it's walls. 

I see you
through the barren lands 
of my mind.

Why do you allude me?
What have I done?
Why won't you save me?

Don't join my torment.
Don't agree with my fears.
Keep the poison 
of my lips
far from yours.
Leave my heart.
Leave my mind. 

Don't map 
who I am
with your eyes. 
Avert your vision. 
Avert your memory. 

Refuse me
with all you have. 
Refuse everything that I am. 
Avoid me. 
Stay away.
I am all that is wrong
and harmful. 

I will be
your demise.

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