Meal Planning: Day 2

MN Simple Mama

Well, I gotta say our grocery shopping was a success! I got everything I needed for my meals for the next 3-4 weeks and some extras. It’s so nice to have groceries in the cupboards again:). It would be a lie to tell you we walked out under $100 because we didn’t.. Try $160? :/ Had we not bought some $5 movies and Ice fishing tackle we would have been under $135. Ya win some ya lose some!


Look at all of this stuff! I feel like Supermom! This is what over 20 meals looks like! Oh, minus the toilet paper, training pants, 409 and hair dye of course 🙂 I wish I could say I got a bunch of this on sale but I honestly don’t know, I don’t get the Walmart ad and usually go in blind. We did get a $2 coupon for Syd’s training pants! Score!

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