Scream it Out


Although the photo above is of a coyote howling, anyone who has heard the howl may think it resembles that of a lone call or “scream”. I chose this photo today for a reason. I dare not say it immediately but it will not be forgotten.

It’s been a long time since I have sat down and carefully constructed a post that infiltrates the deepest part of my mind.

What I have been constructing lately doesnt entirely count. Free running poetry is generally centered on one topic; at least mine are. They generally touch upon the aspects of emotions. Ones that would be felt during intimate moments. Specifically with a particular person you may have a connection with in this very moment. Those are emotions that are important but so are the million others us humans are so blessed to feel. I say ‘blessed’ in a serious manner, too. Although it can be taken in a sarcastic connotation, I truly feel that we are blessed to feel everything; whether deeply or not. Imagine not feeling. What is love if we have never experience immense disdain? What is joy if we have never felt destructive agony? It is all nothing. Empty words with nothing attached to it. So again, I say with cosmic persistence, we are blessed to feel emotions.

Today, I will be horrifically honest when I say I didn’t care to wake up to the world. I would have been intensely grateful to stay in my bed and be lost to my dreams. However, responsibility screams in my mind with such an agonizing, shrill voice. “Care for yourself“, she screams. “Go to class! Have purpose in today!” To be brutally honest, I didn’t want to have purpose today. I wanted to become quiet and unseen; to have the world know that I didn’t exist.

But, I do exist. I do have responsibilities. I do have purpose. Even in the days where I feel withdrawn into myself, I refuse to let it show. I refuse to be weak and let it win. Hell, I’ll scream if it means being against it. The whole world will hear my revolt! I’ll shout to the sun, moon, and stars if it means my voice will be heard in the deepest parts of my mind. Just as the coyote lifts his vocal cords to the sky, so will I in my revolt of epic proportions.

And so should you if the life you are living doesn’t seem to be fulfilling your intentions today. God gave you strength to fight. Let responsibility scream at you if that’s what it takes to get you out of bed. Just get out and don’t give in.


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