Love Letter #001 –

Dear Reader,

No matter what has happened today – whether it be the worst or the best day – I would like you to realize that you are such an amazing individual. If it has been the best, no need to read further. However, if you have had a horrendous, bleak, grim, or simply rough day, please – continue through this letter. You may never realize how many people look forward to having your smile (and only your smile) become the highlight of their entire day. Even if you don’t feel like giving the grand, award winning grin, that’s okay. I’d rather you didn’t fake it. Just the slight, upward curl of the corners of your mouth can be pleasing enough to the human soul. Hell, even my entire persona is lightened by the smallest of smiles given by a compete stranger. Why, you may ask? Please, listen as I explain.

It simply portrays that there is still happiness in the bleakest and most melancholy of days. The smallest curvature of the lips surely presents joy even when sorrow may be the most prominent emotion in your entire being. The smile, although a seemingly small gesture, can (when positive) be utterly and nakedly uplifting. It’s contagious. A laugh may heal the soul but a smile is what unlocks the door to it.

With that in mind, don’t forget to always remember – you are such an amazing individual.

With Love,



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