Love Letter #002 –

Dear Reader,

You are here for a purpose. A very beautiful purpose; even if we may not know what it is. Honestly, if you take a second to ponder it, that purpose could be for anything. I literally mean anything. It could be as simple as being there for a person you know like the back of your hand or showing love to a complete stranger. Because, let’s face it – you may have saved their life and never realized it.

I’ve heard stories of individuals planning on ending their life but kindness derived from simple love saved them. Whether these stories are true or not is irrelevant. It’s the pure thought that the most uncomplicated form of love (or any gesture provoked from positive intentions) can turn a whole situation around.

So, please, always believe that you are worth more than you mind (or this world and society) may tell you. There are reasons why you are here – in this moment. No matter how chaotic, wrecking, or devastating your life may seem right now, there is always a reason and purpose for it. It could be to teach you a lesson to better you in the future. Or it could save a life – maybe even your own. But life always having purpose is where the majority of it can find beauty – or so, that’s what I believe. Granted, there is so much beauty to be noticed during our lifetime. Sometimes, you just need to remember to look at everything with the wonder, curiosity, and love of a child.

In conclusion, don’t ever doubt why you are here – in this moment – on this earth. Your love, kindness, and every other aspect of you can be used for positive endings. Oh! And remember to see this world with open, child-like eyes. You’ll see so much more beauty.

With Love,



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