Love Letter #004 –

Dear Reader,

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that I have forgotten about you. I have just been bombarded with other tasks that have pulled me away from you. For that, I apologize dearly. I never want you to think you are ever forgotten. You are loved and known. Even if it may be by someone you have never truly met or had the ability to converse with, they love you and you are known to them – like you are to me.

Although, my dear Reader, you remain anonymous to me (some days), I feel as though I know you better than I even know myself. However, I do know what it is like to feel unacknowledged and lonely. Even if you are in the most crowded of rooms or the emptiest of places, that staggering and unnerving feeling of loneliness can crash upon you like a tidal wave.

It’s okay.

You aren’t alone in any way shape or form. Yes, I could simply state that someone in the world right now feels the exact same way as you. Yet, that is of no comfort. Even if I were to be standing right next you and whispering softly that I feel the same way, it still may be of no comfort. Sometimes, however, it may help. But if you really think about it, isn’t it no different than you being stuck in a deep hole with a person right next to you, shouting that they are in that same exact hole?

I may never have the exact words to say to help you. I may never know the best ways to comfort you. I do know this…

It WILL be okay.

Why? No reason.

I’m just kidding. There is a reason for everything – even if you may not believe in that. I do and sometimes that can be enough for the both of us.

What I’m really getting at, here, is this: In every circumstance where you feel alone, unacknowledged, and invisible, someone will always know you. Someone will acknowledge you. I will ensure that someone will willingly try to make themselves as invisible as you feel just so that they can be with YOU. So that, therefore, you will never be invisible alone. Finally, when that feeling of pure loneliness seems to want to swallow you whole, all you have to do is USE your VOICE and SOMEONE will pull you away from that void.

There is always someone there for you. If that person can’t be me, then it will be that one (or many) individual(s) that look at you and instantly their day is so much brighter. All you have to do is speak.

Nevertheless, I know that it is always easier said than done.

But, with all my being, I know that you are one of the strongest and most brilliant person out there. You can do this. You can make it through whatever trial is attempting to pull you down.

You stay strong you sexy beast. I believe in you with all that I possibly can.

With Love,



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